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Number One

I can’t write haikus.

Starting is not a problem,

But squeezing the last line into five syllables seems to be an impossible task.

Number Two


Fishing in a lake

Without catching anything.

I teach worms to swim.

Number Three


We want to live long,

But ask yourself only this;

Who wants to grow old?

A Story in Haiku Form


If you marry me

I’ll give you all my money.

I must think on it.

If you marry me

I’ll give you my property.

I must consider.

If you marry me

I’ll give you a ring.

I haven’t a phone.

If you marry me

I’ll give my deepest love.

I like it. Yes please.


What didst I do ere I gained your love?

Wandered half alive in a dream world of mine own,

Waiting for I knew not what, Waiting for the stars above.

Waiting with anticipation for a love filled home.

Speak softly, for an evil stalks the world,

Jackbooted feet stamping on the human face unceasing.

Much has gone, disappeared forever into the limbo of uncertain memory.

A mother’s cry for her child, lost and enslaved in a virtual world not of his making,

While the real world waits, found difficult and left untried.

Fences of freedom, erections to keep the desirable firmly locked inside.

Fences of the mind and spirit, locked no less than those on the surface of the soil.

Grieve not for me when I am gone,

Nor fret for that we can no longer have.

Recall with pleasure all the times we had

For good or ill, through tears and blessed joy.

Two kindred souls, one flesh, one mind, one life,

One love, one faith in all eternity.

The only earthly love we ever had,

Or ever felt the pressing need to gain.

Ne need to search beyond Death’s darkest door,

For there I wait, in patience infinite.